Men’s Waxing



It pays to be loyal! Rebook within 5 weeks to get our special rates.

Back Combo – $59

Includes full back, shoulders and neck


Includes full back, shoulders, underarms, half arm, neck, chest and stomach


Includes bum, speedo and full leg

FULL BODY – $210.00

(excluding manzilian- add for $45)





Loyalty pricing: $74

Take it away! From the front to the back and everything in between. The top, sides, scrotum, and between the cheeks.

SPEEDO - $45

Tidy it up! Take away anything on the outside of your brief line.


Baby got back! Take it all off from the back, includes cheeks and between the cheeks.


NECK - $15

From your hair line to where your neck meets your shoulders.

brows - $20

Get your brows back on track with a professional Brow Shaping.


NOSE - $17

Can you smell an appointment at Nude coming on? We sure can! Let us take care of those pesky nose hair for you in just a few minutes.

EARS - $17

What? Can you even hear me with all that hair in there? A quick 10 minute appointment and we’ll have you good as new!


CHEST - $30

Tired of having hair sticking out of the top of your shirt? get rid of it all from the collarbone to just below your pecs.



Get crop top ready and get rid of all that unwanted stomach hair! Bare it all from right under your chest to top of your pant line.



Get beach ready with a back wax. bare it all from the tops of your shoulders all the way down to just below your waist.



Already half beach ready? We’ll take care of the rest.


Exactly what it sounds like! Hair removal for the shoulders, including just above collar bone to halfway down the upper arm.



You’ll be ready to raise the roof with perfect underarms in no time.


HALF ARM - $30

T shirt perfect with a half arm wax including tops of hands. Fingers excluded but can be added for an additional charge.


FULL ARM - $40

Trade in that long sleeve and be hairless from top of shoulder down. Including tops of hands and fingers if desired.


HALF LEG - $40

Capri ready! Including the knee and all the way down to the ankle. Excluding feet or toes. Available for an additional charge.


FULL LEG - $70

Daisy dukes here you come. Entire leg down to the ankle, including feet and toes if desired.