November 29, 2017

Why wax?

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So you’ve been doing your own hair removal for years, and it’s been going great… or has it? At one time or another we all have been curious about waxing and if it really is ‘all that’s …

Why wax? 

So you’ve been doing your own hair removal for years, and it’s been going great… or has it? At one time or another we all have been curious about waxing and if it really is ‘all that’. Why wax over shaving? What will your results be? Will your skin be okay? Does it hurt? Does it make your hair grow back worse. All good and helpful questions to aid you in making your decision to ditch the razor, and why you should have started waxing yesterday.

How Does It Work?

So I’m sure you’ve all heard from someone who has been waxing for years, and their opinion on it. After all, they HAVE been doing it for years, so there must be something about it. Right? Well there is. You know that extremely disappointing feeling you get when you’re ready for your night out, you’re showered, shaved, and ready to rock and roll. The cab pulls up and you step outside for the first time in the night and boom – goosebumps. Say goodbye to your smooth legs and underarms because you’ve instantly got 5’oclock shadow on your legs. How. Damn. Annoying. But it happens to the best of us right? NOPE. Not if you wax. 

How is that fair?! Well, when you shave you are essentially just cutting the hair creating a blunt edge sitting just under the skin where as when you wax, you are taking the hair out from the root, leaving nothing in the follicle until a new hair grows up and out. When that new hair comes out it is tapered at the end, making the hair soft rather than stubbly and rough. And when that pesky wind pipes up, giving you goose bumps all over, there’s no hair in there to pop on out and ruin your smoothness!

Will My Hair Grow Back Thicker?

Heck no sister! That myth has been busted and the opposite actually happens. As the hair gets pulled out every month at your appointment, the follicle gets weaker and weaker making your hair thinner and much easier to pull out. This is why your first wax (of any kind) is always the least enjoyable. But good news.. after your first wax you notice your hair comes back thinner, great. But you keep going and you notice that in many spots it stops growing back at all. AMAZING! And isn’t that what its all about – not wanting hair?

How Will I Be Able To Go 4 Weeks Between Waxes?

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Your hair cycle grows in over a 28 day span (4 weeks) and you’ve just taken the hair and its root right out. This means a few things. It takes about 3 weeks for you to even notice any hair coming up at all. Which can be deceiving for when you are a week away from your wax and you’ve still got nothing for us to wax at your next appointment. The last week is when you’ll notice the hairs will start to come up and out of the skin. Make sure you are exfoliating sufficiently to avoid ingrown hairs especially during this last week. It becomes crucial in getting the smoothest waxes each month. The last 7 days is when you’ll notice hair finally coming up and trust us, you’ll be feeling more than ready when the time comes for your wax.

Will My Skin Get Ripped Off?

It definitely should not, no. Waxing does however take the very top layer of dead skin cells off, leaving you with silky smooth skin. However, every person is different and there are some of us out there that have very sensitive skin (can I get an Amen?!). If that sounds like you, don’t you worry. You’re still able to get waxed. Give your aesthetician a heads up in that case though. A very thin layer of oil will be applied to create an extra barrier between your skin and the wax to make extra sure that your skin is in tip top shape when you leave the spa.

If that isn’t enough for you to get into the door and give waxing a chance, I know what might be. We have brazilian waxes for our first time clients for only $25. What a better way than a cheap wax to see if its for you or not. Christmas availability is filling up fast for all services so make sure you plan accordingly with your functions so you’re not left in a hairy situation. Pun fully intended. Here’s the link to the booking page just to make your life even easier.


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