January 4, 2018

What the heck are Lash Lifts?!

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Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a while.. Christmas was cray cray. We hope you all enjoyed some well-deserved time off with family and friends. A new year, a fresh start, and time to look after yourself. I’m sure by now you’ve all heard about one of the newest crazes in the beauty industry – lash lifts (and if not, have you been living under a rock?!).

Lash lifts are essentially what they sound like. Lifting your lash from the root to create a bigger curve, making it look like your lashes are naturally longer. They will last anywhere between 6-8 weeks and are by far the safest way for you to get the look of falsies without having to glue them on each night you go out or without having to spend a ton of money every three weeks getting a fill for your extensions. Lash lifts are truly the way to go. Pair them with a tint and you’re feelin’ like a million bucks every morning without having to do a damn thing. Life is good.

You’re ready to give it a try, but have a few questions about the lash lift process, and the lash lift aftercare. Don’t you worry sweet thang, this will answer ALL of your questions.

To start your lash lift off your esthetician will tape down your bottom lashes so that its only your top lashes that are receiving the treatment. You do not want your bottom lashes to be permed up as well. Could you imagine that?! Chaos. Secondly, your eyes will be closed but your sense of smell still works and you can smell something funky. This is the perm solution. Have you ever smelled a salon while someone is getting a perm? Same thing – rotten eggs or sulphur. A lash lift is great but the smell.. not so much. After about 15-20 minutes of the perm solution on you will get the neutralizing solution put on your lashes. This stops the lash lift process. This stays on for about 15 minutes as well.

Now your lashes are lifted and ready to take on the world. But there are a few do’s and dont’s to remember after your lash lift appointment. Here they are.

  • Don’t excessive rub your eyes. It will cause your lashes to shed faster thus losing lashes faster.
  • Don’t get your lashes wet (steamy too!) for 24 hours. After that, feel free to do your normal routine.
  • Don’t get any facial or beauty treatments on your face/near your eyes for the next 24 hours.
  • Don’t use waterproof mascara, the extra rubbing needed to remove it will contribute to the extra shedding of you lashes.
  • DO flaunt your lash lift like the queen you are!

Hope this helps ladies (and gents). Hope you all have a fabulous day.

Until next time,