August 15, 2019

How Millennials are revolutionizing the beauty industry

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From specialized products to enhanced services, Millennials are the newest generation to contribute to the ever-evolving, timeless beauty industry. Millennials are notoriously committed to implementing sustainable development goals (including equality, climate change, resourcefulness, social justice, etc.), and with this generation making up the majority of the workforce and consumer population, the beauty industry is not immune to the impact of Millennial culture. 

Part of this culture is environmental sustainability. In the spirit of embracing positive change within Millennial culture, we are proudly a Green Circle salon. What does this mean? Green Circle Salon takes initiative to repurpose 95% of salon waste back into resources. This means that 95% of our beauty related salon waste (everything from the wax strips to leftover product) is taken by Green Circle and restored for further beauty needs. 

Well, what about our non-beauty related waste? Good question! We have taken additional steps to reduce waste around the spa that extends beyond ‘spa waste’ to all other aspects of the business. By using Square for our transactions and e-based communication, the spa is an almost entirely paperless operation! With the exception of the occasional post-it note and paper for the wax table (for hygienic purposes), we are efficiently and proudly thriving without unnecessary paper waste.