July 27, 2020

Improve Your Skincare Routine with Wild Hill Botanicals

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Wild Hill Botanicals is the creation by a husband and wife duo on their farm on the southwest coast of Vancouver Island.

At Wild Hill, they use a traditional, handmade copper still with a centuries-old design from Portugal. Using the best quality wild or cultivated herbs, they distill them on a slow burn for many hours.

The result is the beautiful aromatic water that contains the water-soluble elements of the plant and a tiny amount of essential oils.

At Wild Hill, their philosophy is that when formulated correctly, a product can suit all skin types.

For example, their Blackberry Seed Oil is an amazing and very emollient, hydrating oil, gentle enough to be suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types.

Use: A few drops applied after cleansing offers skin calming, redness-reducing, and skin regenerating benefits. Quick to absorb quickly, completely non-comedogenic.

This Blackberry Seed Oil is a synergistic blend of highly nutritive oils for supporting the skin’s barrier mechanism.

This offers nourishment with a complete array of fatty acids for skin health and vitality.

And for those of us who deal with eczema, sore muscles, gardening hands, bruises, tricky skin rashes, you name it – their Remedy Salve will become your life-line.

Use: Spray the face liberally and gently wipe away with a cotton pad. Repeat and leave on to soak in while adding serum.

Ingredients such as Comfrey (Symphytum uplandicum) has been used for centuries to heal skin, while Arnica (Flower Extract*) is another time tested power herb for helping speed along with skin healing and soothing aches and pains.

Wild Hill double infuse their herbs for maximum potency, and combined with all-star organic healing oils and gently analgesic essential oils for pleasant relief from those bumps, nicks, and scrapes we all get along the way. 

A great go-to for redness and combination skin types is their Geranium Toner.

Use: Spray the face liberally and gently wipe away with a cotton pad.
Repeat and leave on to soak in while adding serum

Facial toners are a crucial part of skincare routines that are often skipped.

A well-made toner will improve skin texture, hydrate, and correct pH balance, which improves the skin’s function as a barrier.

Toners also remove any last residues of makeup or pollution and enhance the absorption of moisturizers that follow.

Known for balancing skin pH, and a natural astringent, Geranium is considered a hormone balancer and is indicated for balancing oil production.

Use; To maximize the amount of moisture your skin retains, remember to cleanse and exfoliate your skin before you apply body oil.

Lightly floral and herbal, moisturizing but not heavy, this Four Flowers Body Oil is formulated for healing support and penetrates your skin’s protective barrier and helps maintain a radiant glow throughout the day.

Biodynamic Comfrey and Calendula are infused to support skin healing and regeneration, then combined in a blend formulated for ease of absorption.

This oil provides a balanced array of fatty acids for skin health and glow. Essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Lavender, and Rose to uplift and center.

And finally, to end of your natural, all organic skincare routine, the Cucumber Eye Butter.

Use; Using your ring finger, dab into the cream and gently pat cream underneath under eyes.

A natural indie beauty gem of active botanicals for the delicate skin around the eyes. Precious exotic oils for brightening, soothing and promoting skin repair blended with non-comedogenic, nourishing butters for deep wrinkle prevention. 

A blend of CO2 extracts and essential oils known for tightening, depuffing, and slowing the formation of fine lines around the eyes.

While there are so many natural, organic, and cruelty-free skincare brands out there, we are incredibly grateful to be teaming up with Wild Hill Botanical, supporting another locally owned business, like ourselves, and sharing these amazing products with our clientele.