5 Major Benefits to Male Waxing

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Okay, we gotta’ have a little talk, gentlemen… Grooming and self-care aren’t just for women – it’s for everyone. Let’s get right into; manscaping is totally in. One obvious reason is that having clean, smooth skin gives the impression of youthfulness and promotes to others that you’re confident and care Read more

Nude Wax Academy

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Let’s hear a drumroll for this exciting announcement… Nude Wax Academy is officially up and running!  You read that right, we have just opened the educational extension of the spa! In case you couldn’t already tell, we here at Nude love participating in the rewarding, local beauty & aesthetics community Read more

How Millennials are revolutionizing the beauty industry

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From specialized products to enhanced services, Millennials are the newest generation to contribute to the ever-evolving, timeless beauty industry. Millennials are notoriously committed to implementing sustainable development goals (including equality, climate change, resourcefulness, social justice, etc.), and with this generation making up the majority of the workforce and consumer population, Read more

What the heck are Lash Lifts?!

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Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a while.. Christmas was cray cray. We hope you all enjoyed some well-deserved time off with family and friends. A new year, a fresh start, and time to look after yourself. I’m sure by now you’ve all heard about one of the newest crazes in Read more

Why wax?

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So you’ve been doing your own hair removal for years, and it’s been going great… or has it? At one time or another we all have been curious about waxing and if it really is ‘all that’s … Why wax?  So you’ve been doing your own hair removal for years, Read more

Who is nude wax bar?

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So here you are, reading our blog. This is a new thing for us. Here goes nothing! We figured it would be a great way for you, our favourite people; clients, friends, and family of Nude Wax Bar, to get to know us better. There will be laughs, there will Read more