Happy New Year Nudies!

The year 2017 is officially in the past. Gone are the days of weird beauty trends that we saw come and go in the past 365 days – applying our foundation with basically anything we could get our hands on. Whether it was silicone pads from our bras to condoms to various food items, we gave it our best shot. But lets just stick with what we know and love and has worked for us all for decades… please?! After all, its a new year, new you.

With the new year we often stretch ourselves thin trying to keep up to our New Years resolutions. I have to lose 10 pounds, I have to get out more, I have to drink less, I have to eat better. We’ve all been there.. for a few weeks, before our resolutions fall to the way side with our previous years aspirations. New year, not so new you, right?

Doesn’t have to be! For myself, I used to set huge goals for the upcoming year on Jan 1 and when it doesn’t happen instantly I get insanely discouraged and that when I give up entirely. In recent years, I’ve figured out what has worked for me – realistic and achievable ‘mini goals’ that eventually lead me to the bigger picture. This way the new year, new me slogan that we all have used (for me mostly jokingly lol) isn’t the product of such a drastic change that beats me down when I can’t keep up.

With 2018, I challenge you all to take some time to recharge your batteries, take things slow and do what makes you feel good, get a little R&R. Find what you like to spend your time doing and do it. Be selfish with your time. It is yours after all. When you find yourself getting worked up and you’re buried 10 feet under with trying to maintain a social life, work, reaching your goals, take a minute. Pause. And then do what recharges your batteries. Sooner or later, before you know it, its another new year, and another new you.


ps – what is good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander and at the end of the day, you do you boo.


Until next time,