Hello again! So you’ve probably noticed we are still kind of M.I.A as far as social media goes lately and are wondering whats happening to us and what we are up to! Well, there is good reason for all of that.. kind of. We have decided 2018 is going to continue in 2017’s footsteps and be a bit of a year of change for us. At least the beginning of the year will be.

The Website

First thing first.. our website. It might not look like much if anything is going on with it to you, but to us.. we are making leaps and bounds with it! Its definitely unchartered territory for us and is taking a bit of time to learn what needs to happen with it, whats happening with it already, and what isn’t happening. This all takes time, so bear with us!

 The Instagram

Next, our Instagram page. This is a big one. We have been trying to incorporate more photos of our work and of our amazing clients into our page and that takes a bit of time to build up a good arsenal of photos we want to share with all of you! We also are going to take a bit of a turn in what our page looks like. Think of it as something like what is already is.. but better. So much better. We had a mini photo shoot in the spa with some amazing ladies we get to call our good friends yesterday and once those images are edited and are perfection, you’ll get to see them too! This is whats happening on our Instagram front!

The Spa

So now that you’re in the loop on whats happening in our social media world, we’ve got some other news. Between birthdays for both Kasia and Rayven, we have managed to welcome another wonderful human to the Nude Wax Bar family! Jerrica is a soft soul with a heart of gold, and we can’t wait for you to meet her! You’ll be able to find her at the spa while her training wraps up a few days a week. She will also probably be the one you will talk to on the phone when you call us from now on! This is whats happening at the spa!

The Boss

Outside of the spa the boss of all bosses, Kasia, is getting prepped for her big European vacation! She leaves at the end of this month and will be returning mid March. No doubt she will be posting photos on our Instagram feed for you (and us at the spa!!) to live vicariously through her and her travels. If you’re going to be seeing her before her trip across the pond and have been before, give her some tips and must see’s – she is eager to hear them ALL! While she is away, Rayven and Jerrica will be manning the fort, and will be open regular hours to ensure all of your aesthetic needs are met.

Now you know whats what and whats happening with us. Sorry to keep all of you Nudies in the dark! Hope you guys don’t feel neglected, but we are sorry if you do. Rest assured we actually HAVEN’T forgotten about you! We never would. And if you’d like to keep tabs on our pages that are getting a make over, here are the links below to our Instagram page, website and Facebook page! Give us a follow, toss us a few likes!




Until next time,