The Nude Academy Lash Lift + Tint Certification

A hands-on, intimate Brow Lamination education program helping you specialize and advance your career in the beauty industry.

The Nude Academy

About the Academy

All our courses are led by the owner of Nude Laser + Wax Bar - Senior Aesthetician Kasia Zofia -  a certified wax, and laser specialist with over 15 years of industry experience.

Our initiative at Nude Academy is to provide all our students with ongoing instruction and support throughout the duration of each course while giving students the opportunity to practice and engage in the material. After completing this program, all students will have a thorough understanding of their specific certification, safety and sanitation standards, and most importantly, the confidence to thrive in the aesthetics industry.

What the Course Covers

Hour 1 + 2

Health & Safety + Intro to Lashes

The basics! Great services start with knowledge and confidence. We cover health and safety as well as the composition of an eyelash to lash growth/shedding and eye conditions.

Hour 3


With the basics down, we move onto the nitty-gritty - a complete step-by-step guide to the science behind the lash lift and tint.

Hour 4

Product Knowledge

Understanding the products used for the Lash Lift and Tint procedure and a basic review of the quality, top-rated brands.

Hour 5 + 6

Review & Testing

Now for the fun part! Putting our knowledge to the test! For this hour you will require a model to practice the Lash Lift + Tint procedure on. Once complete - we through one final practical review.

Lash Lift + Tint Certification


Our Lash Lift + Tint Course is a 1-day hands-on, one-on-one, 6-hour certification program taught by an industry professional with over 15+ years of experience.

The class hours will cover the foundations and certifications required to be able to competently offer both effective lash lift and eyelash tinting treatments.

Compared to other programs, we want to ensure that our students are able to get real, hands-on, in-spa experience that will allow them to harness these skills that will deeply benefit them when they enter the beauty industry.

Our private one-on-one course is intended to leave students confident and comfortable with the anatomy of the eyelashes, proper hygiene in the spa, and special industry procedures. As well as providing an exciting and fun taste of life in the spa!

What we offer

  • A starter kit containing the tools necessary to complete the course
  • Take-home booklet for notes, containing procedural instructions for future reference
  • Hands-on Lash Lift + Tint experience & latest updates of new methods
  • Accommodating class hours
  • Practical exposure at our academy
  • Use of top brand products to ensure the best training
  • Practice in efficiency and quality of methods and procedures

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Register while spots last

Each part of our course will be taught 1-on-1. We usually plan for our classes to be Wednesdays or Thursdays but if needed we have no problem setting up your classes to work around your schedule.

In order to secure a spot in one of our courses below, we have three payment options.

Option one is $649.00 paid in full.

Option two requires a deposit of $300 then a later payment of $349.

5% GST is charged on top of each transaction.

If at any point you wish to withdraw your registration, half of your deposit will be refunded up until a week before the course. One week before the course start date, the deposit is non-refundable.

Meet the instructor


Owner / Micro-blading Tech / Senior Wax Specialist / Senior Laser Specialist / Senior Aesthetician

Kasia is the Boss Lady. She has lived in Victoria since the early 90’s after immigrating from Poland with her mother – who happens to be the first Brazilian specialist in the city. After going to esthetics school in Calgary, she moved back to the island and worked under her mother gaining the best knowledge she could get until she was ready to branch out on her own. First she opened Bare Wax Bar in a small studio downtown Victoria. Growing her business rapidly, she realized she needed more. She worked over time in the evenings to renovate and open the space we are in now, Nude Wax Bar in 2016.