Regularly waxing? Has laser hair removal become your go-to?

Our exclusive membership offers the best prices, saves you money, and is the most convenient way to keep a regularly scheduled waxing or laser service throughout the month!



Each membership plan begins with a minimum of 3 months. In order to cancel, please provide us with 1 months notice.

10 Minute Services; Lip Wax, Chin Wax, Sideburns Wax, Stomach Wax, Fingers Wax.

20 Minute Services; Brow Wax, Underarm Wax, Nose Wax, Ear Wax, Bum Cheeks Wax, Upper Back Wax, Lower Back Wax, Shoulder Wax, Neck Wax. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our membership plans are perfect for people looking to maintain a proper monthly schedule for waxing or laser services. Find below common questions and answers about our new Nude Membership plans;

Each membership, whether Waxing or Laser Hair removal, receives exclusive deals and discounts.

  • Regularly scheduled monthly wax or laser treatments
  • Discounts off instore products
  • Discounts off all bar services
  • Complimentary or discounted offers for friends.