spring flowers

hey guys! spring is the season of new beginnings, stimulation and growth. hopefully this crazy victoria weather has put itself in the past for 2018, and we can fully divulge into the newest season – spring! its in the air, i can feel it. walking down the streets i see the coveted sign that spring is indeed here on our little island, cherry blossoms are blooming. yay! we figured we would continue on with the theme of growth here in the spa. wanna hear how? keep going and you’ll see.

eiffel tower

first thing first – kasia is on her spring get away overseas but things are still in full swing here. rayven and jerrica are at the spa every day to help you all get what you need done. wether it be a fresh set of spring inspired nails, or some well needed hair removal so you can sport your favourite warmer weather outfit – we’ve got you covered. spots however are rapidly filling up without the boss lady here as well, so if its been on your mind to get a little tlc done for yourself now has never been a better time to book.

jerrica’s training has been going ahhhhhh-mazing if you ask us. this girl is seriously something special. you’ll be able to book online with her now so what are you waiting for?! you can also talk this pretty lady up most days on the phone. chances are she will be the one answering all of your oh so important phone calls.

this spring we have teamed up with peers victoria resource society, right here in victoria! to finish off her training, jerrica did services by monetary donation for two days and all proceeds went straight to our friends at peers. how amazing is that? haven’t heard much about them or are curious to donate as well? heres the link to their website. http://www.safersexwork.ca

so thats about it for us with this post. want to hear about something specific from us, drop us an email at info@nudewaxbar.com and tell us what you wanna hear! we are always open to suggestions for blog posts.


until next time,