September 25, 2019

Nude Wax Academy

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Let’s hear a drumroll for this exciting announcement… Nude Wax Academy is officially up and running! 

You read that right, we have just opened the educational extension of the spa! In case you couldn’t already tell, we here at Nude love participating in the rewarding, local beauty & aesthetics community in Victoria, and we want to share it with you guys. Over many hardworking months, we have constructed a fun, interactive waxing course to introduce some excited students into the world of aesthetics. 

All of us here have been cautioned against the traditionally cruel nature of aesthetics training programs, where a 3-day crash-course is expected to have students ready to be fully immersed in salon life and clientele needs. Unfortunately, that is just not a practical approach to training our city’s future beauty gurus! But fear not, we love and respect our jobs, clients, and future colleagues too much to leave our students anything shy of prepared and confident. With this goal in mind, we have designed our course to accommodate that notorious learning curve. 

How does the Nude Wax Academy program structure promise to get me ready for life in the spa, you ask? Excellent question! Our course is 4 weeks long, with in-class time every Monday. The reason we have extended the timeline of our course is to provide our students with not only instructional time in class with the instructor, but also a full week between classes for time to practice the procedures covered that week and formulate questions for the next time with the instructor. A dynamic learning environment is one that encourages growth and strength, where questions and feedback are encouraged. Our dynamic learning environment is one where students are able to work alongside the instructor, practice and improve over the following days, then reconvene with the instructor and classmates with follow up questions or concerns. It is our intention to foster efficacy and comfortability with the material by providing an interactive learning environment that extends beyond class hours. 

We love coming to work in a fun, friendly environment that makes people feel beautiful! It has been amazing that we get to share this experience with our lovely clients, and now we’re extending our reach to those of you who want to experience our side of things. Whether you’re looking for a fun and lucrative second job, or a new career, we want to help you take that first step!