October 15, 2019

Halloween Throwback

Featured image for “Halloween Throwback”

Happy spooky season!

To celebrate this October we wanted to do a little walk down memory lane. Throughout the years our lovely, artistic staff members have done some incredible costumes: some scary, some sultry, and some just too cute not to share!

First things first, our unanimously voted best-costume-yet: Kasia as ET! We don’t know when this picture was taken, but it doesn’t matter. ET is a timeless classic, and this costume is timelessly hilarious.

Next up, Rayven’s adorable childhood photos! On the left, we have the cutest little Inspector Gadget, cue the “awwwwww!”


Try and spot Rayven in the second photo… You guessed it, right in the middle! Here she is sporting a vibrant red wizard costume.

Kristy, embracing the true spirit of Halloween, took a scary angle on last years’ costume.

Our own personal plague doctor! Not only does she do a mean brazilian, she’s also pretty quick with 14th-century medical practices.

Georgia’s ensemble is definitely most resourceful!

This little sweetie made the best out of a bad situation. Little Georgia used her chickenpox to her advantage by creating the cutest little ladybug costume! Show those spots who’s boss, little Georgia!

Thank you for joining us on our little walk down memory lane. We are so happy to be celebrating this festive time of year with all of our lovely clients.